Humor Me

We’ve all heard the old joke, “If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans”. But I suspect there are plenty of other things about us that also make God laugh. Which is a good thing since, more often than not, God’s Infinite Sense of Humor is probably our only protection from that good old-fashioned Old-Testament wrath. Like over-rambunctious toddlers, we’re lucky our Heavenly Parent’s love surpasseth all our troublesome tomfoolery.

We live in an age increasingly beset by militant extremism – which is to say that, as a society, we’re losing the ability to laugh at ourselves. We are losing the humility to realize that we grasp but an infinitesimal particle of the Infinite Truth we seek. Our images of God are but crude drawings on God’s Cosmic Refrigerator, with magic-marker labels in God’s own handwriting to distinguish what it’s meant to represent. And yet, if someone else draws a mustache or funny glasses on our carefully constructed image, we take to the streets and demand blood.

Not (usually) literally, of course – but Jesus did say (in Matthew 5: 22) that just directing harsh language at others is as bad as lopping off their heads. By that standard, there is a lot of blood in these virtual streets of the internet. Here we can find, without much effort, militant atheists, patriots, Capitalists and Communists, vegetarians and omnivores, peaceniks, warmongers, apologists, the apathetic, the inactive, and arrested adolescents – and, yes, countless militants who profess the Prince of Peace as their Savior.

But we’re all children of the same God – a God who loves us and asks only that we gather as a family at the table every Sunday. That, and “Play well together, be respectful, and don’t make Me come down there”.

A writer, cartoonist, and a movie theater manager; Josh makes his home in Somersworth, NH, with his fiancee and a rabbit named Ginger.

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