catholic blogging

Last year, right around this time, I was finishing up grad school and got totally sucked into this Catholic who blogged from Kansas City—a 30-something dad wrote about his love of Latin Masses, his disappointment in Vatican II, his adamant opposition to women priests. This guy represents so much of what I struggle with recognizing when I say I’m Catholic—the fact that he’s out there saying “I’m Catholic” too! But I couldn’t stop reading. Even on a day when he didn’t post, I’d faithfully check and scroll through to the old posts, just reading and reading.

What is it? What is it about this other way of being young and Catholic that draws me in? True, there was a sort of voyeurism in it for me—a sort of seeing how the other side lives and blogs. And there was a reality check in it for me—at the time, I was studying at a pretty liberal Divinity School and Kansas City Catholic reminded me that not all Catholics are pushing for the same types of reform I am. But I was also glued to that blog with the same sense I have when I flip through old family picture albums; almost as if I was learning about part of my history that I had forgotten about. And if I just look at enough pictures, maybe I’ll understand my own self a little better.

So we join the Catholic blogosphere; happily adding balance to my blogging pal in Kansas City.

And it makes me wonder who is reading this blog—I hope it turns out to be more than Catholics like me. I hope some other folks stumble upon it and just can’t stop reading it!

Kate Dugan is a 28 year old Catholic living in Juneau, Alaska. Last year, I earned my Master of Theological Studies and lately I’m constantly surprised by how being Catholic affects me in side-ways–its funny to me when I notice rituals in my daily life– Transubstantiation on my walk to work, Reconciliation in my new marriage, breaking bread over a barbecue grill.


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