Blessed be the Fruit

If you were to ask me why I believe in God, I could talk about my Catholic upbringing, the times in my life when prayers have been answered, the times when they haven’t, the feeling of just “knowing” God was there. But every time summer comes around, and I bite into a strawberry that tastes so good I’m pretty sure I’m close to Heaven, I wonder how anyone could experience this and not believe there’s a God.

So, I’ve said it. Fruit makes me believe in God. Every time I bite into an orange and the juice explodes in my mouth, every time I pull a cherry off the stem with my teeth, every time I stop at a grocery store on a long drive because I can’t go any further without a nectarine or plum, I give thanks. I give thanks that God has created a world for us that produces something utterly perfect without any need for us to interfere (although we still do!), that it produces something that satisfies my tyrannical sweet-tooth while still nourishing my body. That, despite the fact that grocery aisles are full of ridiculously-over-processed food, God really has given us everything we need straight from the earth.

You can take this sense of amazement and expand it, to be amazed by the rustle of the leaves in the trees, or the the sun that has lit our way long before electricty, or the beauty of a full moon. I once read an article by a scientist who came to believe in God through science, through realizing that there would always be questions that didn’t have answers. My faith works in a similar way. The more I learn about the world, the more humble I become. And just in case I ever need reminding, summer comes around again.

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About Lacey Louwagie

I'm a feminist, a writer, an editor, and a seeker. I co-edited "Hungering and Thirsting for Justice: Real-Life Stories by Young Adult Catholics" (ACTA 2012) and authored "Where I First Met God" in "Unruly Catholic Women Writers II" (SUNY Press 2013). You can learn more about me at

5 thoughts on “Blessed be the Fruit

  1. Just yesterday when I went out to check the mail, I was greeted by a bright yellow butterfly, squirrels and chipmunks dashing across the yard, and so many birds I began to feel like St. Francis. It was definitely one of those moments when I had to stop and make a prayer of humble thanks, just for all the purely aesthetic beauty with which the Divine Artist has seen fit to grace this world.

    This is a wonderful post about something we should all, even in the midst of sometimes-contentious theological ruminations, take time to remember.

    Thank you.

  2. I was thinking about this today as the sun was out. Josh said it well. Thank you for the reminder to be humble and to take it in. Some of the most powerful lessons about God I have gotten not from books, but from noticing and tasting. I think this is true for a lot of us. Thanks again.

  3. Thought of this today (because I had read it yesterday) when I had strawberries with dinner!

    I totally agree. When I have been at my lowest, looking at nature was the only thing that kept me believing in God.

  4. Thanks for your comments — Josh, I could “see” the vision that greeted you perfectly. Those moments always amaze me, too. In some ways, it seems like nature is the one thing that continues to make “sense” to me, when it can be really difficult to make theological sense of the rest of the world.

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