The Rural Report

The writers of this blog are all good people, so it only makes sense that I should be one of the writers to kind of shake things up a bit.  You see, I am a bad bad man.  Therefore I’ll try and stay away from giving some moral lesson and instead just talk about what’s going on on the ol’ farm.

We just started harvesting our oats and barley and succotash.  Succotash is our cash cow.  Well not really.  Our real cash cow is our cows.  They really bring home the bacon for us.  Well technically it’s our hogs that bring home the bacon.  But getting back to harvesting, small grains are something you will not see very much of in Iowa.  We grow them as part of our organic rotation, and they all get fed to our cattle and hogs as a supplement to corn. 

In hog news: Our newest set of pigs were weaned about a week ago.  They are now free from the influences of their mothers, and as a result they stay up late and smoke and drag race their little pig cars and such.  Except for the males, who have been castrated.  They just walk around depressed and sounding like Eeyore.  “Why bother?”  Okay, not really.  They’re as happy as the rest. 

The cattle continue to love the summer pasture.  “Moo,” they say. 

The corn and beans are doing well.  The weeds, however are also doing quite well.  I walk a lot of beans, but it’s hard to stay ahead of the weeds.  They…they taunt me.  You’ll often see me yelling at the ragweeds and trying to strangle the buttonweeds to death.  It’s at this point that I’m usually locked away for a while.

Let’s see, what else… Oh, the Shelby County Fair was last week.  I was in the fair parade acting as the stranger offering candy to unsuspecting kids.  It was a good fair this year.  I would give it a B+.  It only loses points for the poor photography exhibits by the 4-Hers and the flies that landed on my pie and ice cream.

So that is the happenings on the farm.  Interesting, right?


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About danielrosmann

I am a farmer from southwest Iowa. I raise organic cattle and hogs as well as various organic crops. I type with two fingers and average about 4 words per minute. I start many sentences with I. Also, I'm less funny in person probably.

3 thoughts on “The Rural Report

  1. Oh yeah, the popcorn. Our 0.2 acres of popcorn are doing quite well. I’m more worried about the sweet corn right now though. Soon I will be at war with the raccoons over it.

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