Envisioning Ourselves

Well, friends. Last week, it happened.  Next month marks my 28 and a half birthday and last week I found my first gray hair.  Spoinging up, right in the middle of my part line.  It doesn’t seem to have any brothers or sisters, but by the looks of my both my folks’ silvery heads, it won’t be the last one I find.  

So it’s got me thinking about my age.  We’re blogging along on here, all of us enjoying the category of “young” Catholics.  I’m even editing a book full of essays by young Catholic women. But it dawns on me that what we’re really writing about (and from) is a particular generation of Catholics.  I know sociologists call the younger of us Millennial Catholics and the older of us Generation X Catholics (and I believe by birth in 1980 marks the breaking point).  Together, we’re all post-Vatican II Catholics.  
But there are younger Catholics than us out there.  And we are just learning how to have a voice.
I’ve been amazed by the discussions generated on this blog.  So, in the spirit of dialogue, I’d like to toss this out there: How do we want to be “older Catholics”?  What will our generation of Catholics act like and talk like when we’re no longer the youngest kids on the block? How do we want post-Millennial Catholics to think of us when we are in our 40s?

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