The Body Eclectic

Looking at today’s daily Mass readings, I notice that St. Paul is giving us his “Body of Christ” spiel — about how, just as the body is one but made up of many parts, so we are all members of the Christ’s Body, even as we are individuals with unique spiritual gifts.  It’s a particularly interesting passage to reflect on today, as I’m trying to overcome an illness I picked up over the weekend.

Right now my head refuses to think straight, my nose and throat insist upon discharging unpleasant goo; my larynx can barely manage an audible sound, and my body generally just doesn’t want to any of the things it’s supposed to do.

It’s a familiar enough feeling.  We’ve all had days like that, and we generally understand that as uncomfortable as it is now, it does get better.  The body heals itself, and eventually all the parts manage to get themselves working properly — and working together, as they should be.


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