A Nerdy Moment

Tuesday night, I did something that most people would consider, well, a bit nerdy.  Even though I was done with school for the day, I went back to campus to sit in on the class of one of my favorite professors.  The nerdy part is that, well, I actually took the class last year.  But I knew what the theme of the night’s class was and I needed a little encouragement.  So I went.

The discussion centered around the forbidding of the ordination of women and homosexuals in the Catholic Church.  Sounds cheery, huh?  But after having been the sole woman in a class on the theology of the ordained priesthood (much to the delight of many of my classmates…note the sarcasm), I needed to sit in a classroom where I knew I would feel valued and listened to and appreciated.  When we had covered the topic when I was in the class, I remember walking out of the classroom feeling like everything really was going to be okay.  So I went.

Regardless of your thoughts on the topic of women’s ordination, this class helped remind me of the importance of really hearing each other.  After class was over, I thanked the professor for letting me sit in and he responded by asking me how my semester was going and telling me to stop by his office so that he can hear about my life.  I realized that it really is all about loving each other, about listening to each other.

But sometimes, you just need to be in a place where you feel like everything is going to be okay.

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