Call for Lobbyists

Hey, do you guys get those Faithful Citizenship inserts in your bulletins after Mass?  Or are bulletins only a small town America thing any more?  And by small town America, I of course mean Real America.  (Sorry, my cynicism runs deep.  When I see a flag outside a house my first thought is, “Those people hate immigrants.”  That can’t be a good reaction.)

Anyway, the Faithful Citizenship inserts were put together by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and they act as guidelines for the election.  I was very pleased to see that they don’t tell you who to vote for, and in most cases it’s pretty clear that they severely criticize both parties for not doing enough work on the actual important issues of poverty, abortion, climate change, etc.  They urge voters to replace taxes and other personal and often selfish issues with these issues when voting, and I applaud them for this.

Now time for more cynicism.  How many voters will actually vote this way?  My guess is very few.  So does this mean real change within important problems, like poverty for example, has to be tackled without the help of the government?  With poverty, I suppose the right economic policies will help our nation’s poor, but I highly doubt that very much help will be given to the poor of the rest of the world.  We then have to rely on the organizations already spread too thin.  They do the best they can, but in many cases they are only able to treat the effect, when what is really needed is work on the cause.

The government really is needed therefore and has to be willing to sacrifice for the well being of all earth’s inhabitants.  And like everything else, this will probably only get done when we put our representatives on speed dial and lobby the hell out of the government.  (Cynicism) 

This dilemma is evident in almost all the major important problems in the world, besides just poverty.  Right now, the political candidates are feeling a lot of pressure, but I believe it’s after the election when they should feel it the most.  Because that is when we should start hammering them on working for those who need the most help.

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