Spirituality of this Election Season

I was really hoping I could find something to write about besides the election.  But I just voted today (I live in Wisconsin so we can pull that kind of thing off), and much of what I have been absorbed with for 24 months comes down to tomorrow!  So I decided I’m not good enough to find something else to write about.

I’m curious how people are dealing spiritually with the election season?  I mean, commentaries are everywhere: blogs, late night tv, early morning tv, magazines, mailings, radio (even music radio DJs are getting into the season!).  I have found it hard not to think about the candidates, the issues, the attacks, the satirical renderings, etc.

Tomorrow, I plan on going to an Irish bar in Madison with my wife to either toast or commiserate.  I’m not sure that my day-to-day life will change no matter who wins – either way, I’ll still have to go to work, the Packers will still be 4-4, and spring weather can’t come soon enough (even though it’s oddly 70 degrees in Madison today).

My questions for all of you:

1)  Where do you plan on being when we receive the announcement for who will be our next President?

2)  What will remain the same in life for you no matter which candidate wins?  (I ask that, because it’s really unclear what will change until we are a few weeks/months removed from this – so let’s look at what we can know and predict and what gives us stable ground!)

1 thought on “Spirituality of this Election Season

  1. No matter who wins, promoting the pro-life agenda will not change. I am however concerned that depending upon who wins, there will be efforts to make many elements of our cause illegal.

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