When Change Happens.
Every once in a while, I stumble upon a great book.  Recently, I picked up Green Sisters by Sarah McFarland Taylor.  McFarland Taylor has spent the last ten years researching and having conversations with nuns and sisters (sometimes called “eco-nuns!) involved in various faces and facets of environmentalism.  From the IHMs in Monroe, MI who have converted their entire monastery to green energy to sisters advocating for clean energy on capitol hill.  The wide variety of ways nuns are making ecology a primary goal of their communities is really inspiring.  And its all been so quiet, daily–simply groups of women around the country doing their best to be conscientious everyday.
In her recent book, Speaking of FaithKrista Tippet writes about the way she reminds herself that change is possible.  Right out of college, Tippet lived in West Germany, though used to travel to East Germany to visit friends.  They used to talk about the wall, tried fruitlessly to imagine what life might be like if it weren’t there. For years, she looked at the wall is impenetrable, never to be changed.  And then, one day in 1989, the wall began to crumble.  This thing that she had known would outlive her had fallen.  And its how she knows change is possible–because the Berlin Wall came down.
I think that, in the future, when I start to worry that a bad situation will never change, I’m going to remember “eco-nuns” and the small ways we all make differences everyday.  But I’m also going to remember this November, the November we elected Obama.  We all need little reminders of hope.  
What are some of the ways you find hope?

1 thought on “Hope!

  1. I find hope here, on this blog, and also through Call to Action as a whole. I also find hope through my work with kids and teenagers at New Moon; if they’re who are going to be running the world soon, we’ll be absolutely fine.

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