Hail Mary (redux!)

time-hail-mary-31 Two of my favorite people are both pregnant…with due dates about 3 months apart.  Over the holiday, friends & families gathered to bless & shower them and the fruits of their wombs.  I live too far away  and didn’t make it, but the organizers generously asked the few of us unable to attend to send in our own blessings for the moms.  As I flipped through favorite songs and recalled poems I have loved, I couldn’t help but pause on the motherhood of Mary  

 Running through the index of blessings I know, as seems almost inescapable, Catholic rote prayers kept running through my head.  It slowly dawned on me that the “Hail Mary” prayer is a first century version of a baby shower/blessing.  In Luke’s gospel, Elizabeth blesses Mary’s pregnancy, her baby, and Mary herself.   I decided this prayer could use a little sprucing up for my friends and thought this might be a nice forum to share it:


hail women, full of grace
holiness be with you.
blessed are you
blessed is your womb
and blessed is the fruit of your womb.  amen.

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