In a recent piece on NPR the reporter, no doubt tired of hearing the same old handful of economics experts repeating the same old dire predictions about the national economy, talked to some astrologers to find out what their particular field of study had to say about it. It was a fluff piece and quickly forgotten, until Sunday’s Epiphanal Gospel reading. Until I was reminded that, while the birth of Christ went unnoticed among the vast majority of His own people – a people actively hoping and waiting for His coming – it was astrologers from far-off lands, reading the signs in the stars, who recognized what a momentous event had just taken place.

It’s said that all roads lead to Rome; our Catechism tells us that every belief system, imperfect as it may be, represents humanity’s attempts to reach for a God who loves us. And so it happens that these practitioners of a belief system condemned both by the religion Jesus was born into and the one he would inspire, nevertheless found their way to Him.

1 thought on “Epiphany

  1. That’s fascinating, thank you. Hadnt thought about it. We tend to diminish the meaning to others unless they talk/look/view things the same as we do. God does not compartmentalize, God came for the whole world and put the message in the stars. Stars look different in all areas of the world, and that’s o.k. This is the problem I have with some missionary efforts-the early Christians were able to reappropriate their culture into Christianity, what’s so bad about others (to a point) doing the same? I’m afraid that people look at someone incorporating their new understanding of Jesus into their lives, understanding it in their ways (as though there’s any other way it could be done) and missionaries thinking its not exactly right unless it looks like typical western Christianity. I may worry for nothing, maybe it doesnt happen that often. I’d listen more than I’d speak, that’s for sure. I think another culture could teach me a lot through how they viewed Christianity.

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