Life and Love

The Incarnation has empowered us.
Our baptisms were like our personal inauguration, a sister told me this morning at breakfast. It’s true: we started our public ministry and life in the church.
Last Sunday, on the Baptism of Jesus, I heard a sweet priest speak boldly. He said, “The Vatican hasn’t asked for my input, but I don’t think that the point of Christianity is get to heaven. The point of life is to love God and our neighbors as we love ourselves.”
After all we are loved by God more than we can comprehend.
The night before I had sat around a table with 11 other folks celebrating the goodness of God in relationship. That evening I had one of those crisp moments where I was suddenly aware of how much love was present and available.
One of my close friends was with me and the next day, after church, we were marveling at the beauty that had been around the table the night before.
She gave me the greatest compliment ever: “You will always be known for your love, Julia.”
My hope and prayer is that all of us who have been inaugurated into the Christian life will be known for our lives of Love. May God help us.

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About Julia Walsh

Originally from Northeast Iowa, Sister Julia is a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration, based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Her love for God and God's good world is manifested in her attempts to be an educator, a youth empower-er, an earth lover, and a peacemaker. She ministers at a Franciscan retreat center in Wisconsin.

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