Couch Shopping & Interfaith Marriage

2792_second_period_french_empire_couch_1So my husband and I are on the couch market.  We’re recent transplants from Alaska to Washington State (via Argentina for three months), so we have next-to-nothing in the furniture department.  I had no idea how difficult it would be to buy a couch together.  

We have bought cars together, moved to multiple apartments together, even re-located together.  And all relatively smoothly.  But the couch.  Not so smooth. 

We have different criteria–he wants leather and I want anything but leather.  We have different standards–I’m looking for a good deal, he’s thinking about a life-long couch-commitment.  We have different ideal–I want to curl up on a couch, he wants to stretch out.

The couch shopping might just be the perfect metaphor for our interfaith marriage.  We have different criteria for what defines a religious experience, we have different standards for spiritual practices, and we have different ideals for what it means to be a religious person.

But in our marriage, we have found positive middle grounds.  We agree that religious experiences are those moments that take our breath away.  Spiritual practice is something to work at, to always be learning at.  And our ideal is that our marriage helps us both be better spiritual and religious people.

So now we just need to figure out how to apply that wisdom to couches.


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