God’s List

I’m a maker of lists. I’ve been personally and professionally swamped in the last couple weeks, so it’s beginning to feel like those lists rule my life — where is my list? Did I forget to put anything onto the list? Can I cross anything off yet? In all of the time I spend stressing over my lists and all the many “shoulds” hanging over my head, I’m afraid my time with God is reduced to a prayer before bed of, “Please help me get it all done!”  (along with a list so God knows exactly what I need to get done, of course). And I’m ashamed to say that “Pray,” or “Read the Bible,” or “Ponder God” never makes it on to any of those lists. I’d like to say it’s because praying is as obvious a priority as eating, but I know it’s really because God feels like a luxury for when I have leisure, not the Ever-Present source of my strength and my ability and my many blessings.

Last night I wondered, “What does God care about whether I meet my deadlines or find cheaper health insurance?” And then I started to think about what God’s list for my day would look like. I think it would be something like this.

  1. Love God
  2. Love your neighbor
  3. Love yourself
  4. Love life

My prayer is that I’m able to honestly check a few items off God’s list every night, too — and be ready and willing to start with the list again the moment I wake up.

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About Lacey Louwagie

I'm a feminist, a writer, an editor, and a seeker. I co-edited "Hungering and Thirsting for Justice: Real-Life Stories by Young Adult Catholics" (ACTA 2012) and authored "Where I First Met God" in "Unruly Catholic Women Writers II" (SUNY Press 2013). You can learn more about me at www.laceylouwagie.com.

5 thoughts on “God’s List

  1. I find that sometimes, because I am so incredibly busy, I reach out to God more frequently. Noisy prayer I suppose you could call it. God tapping this busy person on their shoulder for a moment of their time. I do try to begin each day by rising early to meditate and pray the liturgy. It frames my busy day within God.

  2. Lacey, you wouldn’t happen to be a big J on the Myers-Briggs scale, would you? :)

    I’m and extremely strong J, and am passionate about my lists, but I think God’s list is really where it’s at. Thanks for reminding me of that!

  3. Thanks, Beryl and Ryan for your comments. Beryl, I think I know what you mean about “noisy prayer.” I realize that sometimes I do communicate a little extra with God during busy times, even if the only thing I say is, “Help!!” But contemplating whether all of this is really important in my life or God’s plan for life . . . that’s, unfortunately, something I tend to push back until I have the “luxury” of leisure to sink into it.

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