Post-post-Vatican II Catholics


These days, I’m trying to do a better job of staying abreast of Catholic news…National Catholic Reporter has been a great resource for trying to do so.

Check out this recent article by NCR publisher:  Its an interesting articulation I’m sure many of us have thought about: what it means that Catholicism is losing its memory of pre-Vatican II Catholicism?  

When I was living in Alaska last year, the very last woman to be a native speaker of Eyak died.  The very last one.  In recent years, linguists have learned the language–she taught them.   But, as anyone who has acquired a second language later in life knows, its just not the same.

Is this a fair comparison?  Is there cause to worry?  Or cause to celebrate?

I’d love to know other people’s thoughts on this article!  What do you think: what happens when no one remembers a pre-Vatican II church anymore?


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