Catholic Science

sci_index1It is just not that often that I hear something about Catholicism on NPR that makes me so proud that it puts a spring in my step.  And yesterday morning, I expected more of the same as the announcer previewed a story about the Oregon Province of Jesuit’s bankruptcy troubles.  But then, they mentioned a gathering in the Vatican–a science meets religion conference to make clear the Church’s position on evolution and the like.

And it just kept getting better.  The program cut to to an interview with a theologian at Georgetown who spoke clearly and understandably about Catholic thinking and science.  He talked about God and science being mutually inclusive. It was such a refreshing and positive story about Catholicism.  

It was really exciting when the theologian went on to discuss how Catholic theology allows evolution to create an ever-more complex image of God.  God not only creates beings, but beings that are complicated and changing creatures.

I arrived at my office and had to shut off the story before it ended. But I closed my door with a new spirit in my footsteps, loving that my faith has room for an ever-more complicating image of God.  Such a great start to a day.

Kate Dugan is a recently-turned 29 year old Catholic living in Olympia, Washington. Two years ago, I earned my Master of Theological Studies and lately I’m constantly surprised by how being Catholic affects me in side-ways–its funny to me when I notice rituals in my daily life– Transubstantiation on my walk to work, Reconciliation in my new marriage, breaking bread over a barbecue grill.

2 thoughts on “Catholic Science

  1. I think this is indeed a great step forward for the Church. But it’s a little hypocritical and annoying to me how the Vatican chooses which scientific topics they deem worthy of investigating and actually discussing, with regards to faith and reason, and which ones they just close the door on (abortion, birth control, stem cell research, homosexuality…etc…) I guess as a gay Catholic its my dream that someday they might have a similar objectively motivated conference exploring homosexuality in such an uninhibited and scientific way…

  2. I totally agree, Phil! It makes me SO frustrated when the magisterium cites “natural law” on issues like homosexuality, when several sciences (social, evolutionary, biological, etc.) make it clearer and clearer all the time that same-sex attraction and behavior ARE natural. I’m so proud to be part of a faith tradition that doesn’t make me pretend the world is only 6,000 years old, but I do wish they’d open their hearts and minds to take in even more of God’s unfolding brilliance as it’s revealed in science.

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