A friend once joked that “discernment is Latin for impossible.”  And I’m starting to think he really may be on to something here.

In mid-August, I will complete my Masters of Divinity.  No, I don’t know what I’m doing next year (and I’m pretty sure that investing in a “Don’t ask me what I’m doing next year” t-shirt might be a VERY smart investment).  I have possibilities, but as a Myers-Briggs J, I don’t like possibilities.  I want concrete answers.

There’s something interesting about discerning during Lent, as sometimes it can feel a bit like, well, you’re being shoved in a particular direction.  I’m finding it hard to quiet my mind and heart.  And I’m finding it hard to be, for lack of a better word, objective.  I’m impatient, frustrated, and I’m starting to realize just how hard it makes prayer for me.

In other, un-related news, today marks the sixth anniversary of the war in Iraq.  Let us all take a few minutes to remember all of the innocent lives lost and the thousands of lives altered forever by the violence and fighting of the past six years, on all sides.

And a VERY happy St. Joseph’s Day to all the CSJs and SSJs out there!  Oh, and to the SJWs, too!

Becky Chabot is a third year Masters of Divinity candidate at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.  After graduating from Creighton University, Becky lived in Bolivia and spent a year as a St. Joseph Worker (www.stjosephworkers.org).  Her research interests include Latin American liberation theology, intercultural theology, and social ethics.  When not doing schoolwork, she enjoys Bob Dylan, Doctor Who, knitting, and good Scotch.  She also enjoys figuring out peoples’ Enneagram numbers, Myers-Briggs types, and Hogwarts houses.  Her main blog is entitled A Traveling Theologian.

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