God Is…..

I am taking an integral psychology class this quarter.  For those of you wondering what integral psychology is, I’m not really sure.  But I do know that it is integrating the spirit into psychology.  We have been discussing spiritual awakening (I know, lofty goal, right?).

One thing about spiritual experiences is that we’ve got the ecstasy and high places.   The bliss.  But when one is that open, there is the fall — the crevice, the Evil.  It’s spiritual warfare/jihad (which means struggle), a woman told me a few days ago.  Other people talk about what happens to your body when you are that open to God and the angels.

One meditation I have been doing recently is “God is…..” I do it when I’m walking down the street.  “God is….”  “God is not….”  “God is in….” “God is with….”  For nothing is created except through God.

Even the scary places your soul takes me — “God is, God is, God is.”

1 thought on “God Is…..

  1. I like your meditation. I was at a retreat recently where we were asked to come up with “God moments” that we’d had in the past week or so. Everyone shared good experiences like playing with a grandchild, enjoying nature, talking with a friend etc. I shared a good moment, but I’d also made myself write down a few awful moments from that week on the list. When someone denies your dignity or dismisses you, or you’re overwhelmed or losing hope, isn’t God there in those moments also? Harder to remember, but very comforting.

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