Celebrating One Year of Church

In August I am moving to the fifth place of residence I have taken in the year and a half since graduating college. I will have occupied two continents, and lived in the western, eastern, northern, and southern parts of the United States. I longingly dreamed of this wandering lifestyle as my undergraduate years reached conclusion. I dreamed of its adventure, of the lessons learned from living in places where I knew no one, of the independence and confidence I would gain. Gratefully, all these hopes were actualized. They were accompanied, however, by a surprising and sometimes difficult longing for the stability I had left behind: an inspiring community of Catholic companions who I worshiped, ministered, and grew up with during college.

I have often appreciated the fact that I can celebrate the Catholic liturgy every place I go—from Istanbul to Los Angeles.  In that sense, liturgical community is everywhere.  But it is much more difficult to find willing and thoughtful conversation partners for faith sharing, or people to recommend resources for the challenges I face as a Catholic in and outside of Sunday Mass.  Amid this absence, the voices of this blog have been some of my most consistent companions in faith.

I started writing for this blog out of a conviction that the Catholic Church is more than what we see with our eyes or read in the papers.  Time and time again this blog has been proof of that to me this year. I am grateful to be a part of this very real and sort of intangible online Catholic Church, in the same way that I am a part of this big, universal and rather intangible Catholic tradition.  Thank you for being the Church companions I have longed for…

Jessica Coblentz currently writes from Seattle, WA.  After graduating from Santa Clara University in 2008, she wandered through Europe, worked in campus and young adult ministries in Los Angeles, and heads to Boston at the end of the summer to start graduate studies at Harvard Divinity School. Follow her writing on the Web at www.jessicacoblentz.blogspot.com


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