Happy Birthday, Blog!

Wow — I cannot believe that this blog is a year old. I got involved here because I thought aha! here is a space for my voice! finally!

A few resounding notes of thanks:

1. Thank you to the founders for helping envision this space.

2. Thank you to those who work behind the scenes makin’ this blog run.

3. Thank you for putting up with all of our luddite-ism. It is our enthusiasm that is contagious.

4. Thank you to the readers and everyone who has made this blog lively. You truly help make this Church on the Internet. Hey, Mass is available for download anyway! :)

5. And finally, thank you to a wonderful bunch of contributors. I love reading all of your thought, hearts, and wishes. We put our hearts and bodies on this blog. You all being so open helps me be courageous, too. Thank you.



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