Ordinary Green

Things were green again at Mass today. Usually, I take this color for granted, both in and outside the sanctuary, but today I was refreshingly grateful for the shades of ordinary time.

Here in the Pacific Northwest trees, dark grasses, and thick plants give Seattle its nickname—the Emerald City.  Everything here is green.  I didn’t realize the unique beauty of all of my hometown until I moved to California where the concrete, sunshine and golden grasses provide a differing, rather washed-out aesthetic.  After a few years of living there, I found myself speechless every time I flew home to Seattle, hovering over all this green. Every landing became overwhelming and startling.  From the air, Seattle’s green is ubiquitous and beautiful. What was so ordinary in my upbringing had become precious and breath taking.

I had a similar experience today while celebrating daily Mass in green again after this long liturgical period of purples, whites, and reds. Our ordinary green startled me. And in a new way, I was grateful for it: Green is the color of new life, creation, and growth. How amazing a reminder is that—that our Church’s ordinary colors are that of growth, creation, and movement?

Right now I need this reminder that growth occurs in ordinary time, like in the rather ordinary time I’m experiencing in life right now.  Like the verdant trees above my head and the green church I call home, I am growing too.  I am growing too.

Jessica Coblentz is a recent graduate of Santa Clara University, and an incoming graduate student at Harvard Divinity School.  Follow her writing on the Web at www.jessicacoblentz.blogspot.com

1 thought on “Ordinary Green

  1. Hey! Congrats on going to Harvard!

    I was taking a walk yesterday down a winding road that led to houses by the Sound. I can’t help but remember how lush everything is here — and how often I take it for granted when the rain is pouring down.

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