We Memorialize Those Who Chose Non-violence, too

Many of us are excited this Friday, May 28th.  Most of us have Monday, Memorial Day, off work.  A long weekend!

We recall on Monday the many men and women who have died in war protecting the United States of America.  They’ve – to be sure – given courageously.  Most serve admirably.  We honor these soldiers in parades and picnics, rituals and memorials, at meet ups and gatherings. They are deserving of our respect and remembrance.

What about those who stared down evil and injustice non-violently?

Those who, when most of the world employed coercive and manipulative tactics, stood up peacefully as non-aggressors, organizing movements, encouraging dialogue, cultivating understanding.

Do we memorialize, remember even, those who have died in the pursuit of non-violent resistance?

Jesus. Ghandi.  Martin Luther King, Jr. Helen Prejean.  There are countless others.

As guns salute and fire ammunition in the air at cemeteries in ceremonies nationally, may we memorialize and remember those who died advocating for and seeking non-violent means to peace.  May we honor those who fought violence and oppression with civil disobedience.  May we account for those who fought war with love, mercy, and compassion.


1 thought on “We Memorialize Those Who Chose Non-violence, too

  1. In the US, MLK is the only American with his own holiday, and we certainly memorialize him. We have freedom of religion, so many, but not all of us recognize who Jesus is, and worship him. Most everyone has some idea of who Ghandi was, his life is very well documented and his methods taught. Helen Prejean is still alive, so, no we do not memorialize her.

    I however don’t think its proper to try to take a holiday reserved for those who died in service to our country and turn our attention towards others on that day. There are many soldiers who’s names we can not all know, and this day is for them. MLK, Ghandi, and Helen Prejean get far more attention every other day of the year. It is however appropriate to invoke the name of Jesus in honor of those men and women fighting for God and Country.

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