Young Adult Service Opportunity

I recently got wind of the following service/community opportunity aimed at young adults. The woman who passed it on to me explicitly mentioned that this blog’s readers would be great applicants to the program. After reading the release, I have to say I agree with her! More info below.

Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis Announces Community-Living,
Year-Long Volunteer Program for Young Adults

Minneapolis, MN—21 February 2011–
The Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis are launching a new program, the Visitation Internship Program (VIP), providing the opportunity for young adults to live in community in North Minneapolis with other young adults, providing ministry in the neighborhood for one year.

North Minneapolis is an economically challenged area of the Twin Cities, and the Visitation Sisters strive to create a prayerful presence in their neighborhood. Sister Karen Mohan, head of the Monastery, said that the Sisters are responding to a movement on behalf of young people who want to provide service in such a way: “The Sisters are excited to offer this opportunity for young adults to join us for a year of service to those who are often economically and socially challenged.”

Some additional information:
Women and men between the ages of 20-35 are eligible to apply.
The VIPs live in an intentional VIP community and commit to community nights once a week with their house, and then also with the Sisters on a regular basis.
The VIPs serve in a ministry within the north Minneapolis community.
The VIPs learn Salesian spirituality through the Visitation Sisters, the Visitation Companions, north side neighbors, and through study and retreat opportunities.
The VIPs are offered spiritual direction, vocational discernment, and prayer opportunities through the Visitation Sisters.

Applications are currently being accepted for the inaugural year beginning August 2011. For more information, please visit:

The Sisters of the Visitation of Minneapolis are centered in a dynamic, extended community in North Minneapolis where they strive to be a faith-filled and whole-hearted proclamation that “Jesus Lives!” They are committed to expressing their Salesian spirituality by offering neighbors peaceful presence, radical hospitality, and participation in regular, frequent prayer.  The Sisters live discerning lives in a community of mutual leadership responding to and expressing God’s love incarnated in a unique kind of urban monasticism.


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