CTA 20/30 Community Full of Life


 Dear Progressive CTA 20/30 Member,

So much is going on in the movement right now!  Thank you for the contributions you have made to church justice, equality, and reform!

Have you been to the CTA 20/30 facebook page recently?  You might want to check it out today as new videos, articles, events (and so much more!) are posted there on a daily basis.  Please consider joining our facebook community!

Perhaps you’ve heard about CTA 20/30’s presence at World Youth Day. If you haven’t, or want to learn more about our witness there, check out the World Youth Day travelogue.

Finally, if you’d like to join the CTA 20/30 community, sign-up online. We’d love to share events, resources, support, etc. with you as a young adult progressive Catholic.

Again, thank you for helping to build up the people of God for the reign of God.  We are blessed by your witness.


Ryan J. Hoffmann

CTA 20/30 Marketing Chair



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