Bearing Fruit (Welcome NCR Readers!)

It’s been a big year for the Young Adult Catholics blog, and I’m remiss in taking this long to celebrate some of our community’s achievements. As some of you know, September 2012 saw the publication of Hungering and Thirsting for Justice: Real-Life Stories by Young Adult Catholics.This compilation of real-life stories by young Catholics about their lives and their struggles to live justly is the fruit of this blog in many ways. Many of the contributing authors are or have been writers for this blog, and others found our call for stories through the blog. Most notably, we got the opportunity to do the book when Greg Pierce, publisher of ACTA Publications, came across a post by our awesome writer Justin Sengstock. As rewarding it’s been to share our stories online as one of the web’s oldest young adult Catholic communities, it’s especially exciting to get thoughtful, faithful, justice-seeking voices out there in the print medium, especially since the book also raises up the voices of some writers new to the Young Adult Catholics community. I urge you all to check it out and consider offering a copy to a young Catholic in your life who may be engaged in his or her own search for justice and purpose. If you’d like to learn more about the book and our journey to publication, Lacey and I talked about it on the Dating God podcast (thanks Dan!) and I spoke about the book on the Matthew Filipowicz Show, whose host also happens to be my husband.Blog founder Mike Sweitzer-Beckman also gave the book a nice mention in his NCR column.

Another exciting milestone happened more recently: we were named one of the Best Resources for Young Catholics by the National Catholic Reporter! We’re honored to share this recognition with great resources like Dating God, Millennial Journal and NCR’s own Young Voices. If you’re visiting here for the first time from NCR, welcome. We hope you will stick around and join in the high-quality conversations that take place here every day.

As long as we are celebrating this great community, I wanted to add an interesting note: I believe Young Adult Catholics was the first Catholic space on the Web to forbid questioning another’s Catholic faith as part of our comment policy (we have been here since 2008!) Lately I have noticed the same policy in place on excellent blogs like Catholic Moral Theology and Women in Theology. It is great to see that other online communities recognize it’s hurtful and not helpful to challenge the fundamental claim that brings all of us to these online spaces. Our comment policy, and this guideline in particular, have a lot to do with what we believe Young Adult Catholics is and it’s rewarding to see other communities sharing the same commitment.

Thank you to our longtime readers, commenters and writers for your support and thoughtful dialogue, and if you’re new to this community, we hope you will return often.

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