A Note From the Editors

You hopefully have noticed our new blog design!  The CTA 20/30 Online Committee is working on expanding this blog, and this is just the first step!  

You may notice the second menu bar up top that right now just says “Uncategorized” – this is a new feature that we’re implementing: categories.  Right now, there’s nothing in those categories since we still need to file our posts, but once they’re filed, you’ll start seeing some subject-specific categories listed on the toolbar.  You can click any category to read just posts in that category.

Keep an eye out over the coming months – we plan to roll out more additions to this blog as well.  This is just the beginning!


4 thoughts on “A Note From the Editors

  1. Reblogged this on Justin Sengstock and commented:
    Young Adult Catholics, where I cross-post much of my content, is being revamped and relaunched. As I observed on my Twitter feed: “Now 50% more suave, with added Vitamin C.” Please go to this post by Monica Lundberg, from our CTA 20/30 Online Committee, to check out the sleeker design. Watch for new features, and new life, over the coming weeks.

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