World Youth Day Pilgrim Profile: Ellen Euclide

Ellen with the Equally Blessed prayer card!

Ellen with the Equally Blessed prayer card!

World Youth Day is this July 23-28 — and six Equally Blessed pilgrims are preparing for their journey to Rio de Janeiro, where they plan to be LGBTQ-positive presences at the large gathering of Catholic youth. Here on the 20/30 blog, we’re introducing you to these brave young adults. Next up, Ellen Euclide:

“I feel called to this pilgrimage because too many catholics do not see themselves in the Church. In the absence of voices praising the contributions of LGBT Catholics and affirming their dignity, people assume that the silence is equivalent to absence, or worse, condemnation. Without role models, they do not see a place for themselves in the fabric of the church. I want our voices to fill that absence, inspiring others to claim their place in the Church as we have. At World Youth Day, young adults celebrate their catholic identity and connection to the worldwide church. As queer and allied Catholics, we too celebrate our Catholic identity and our important role in the worldwide Church.

In addition to witnessing, our mission is pastoral. I know that some WYD pilgrims are surprised at the unwelcoming messages they hear, especially if they themselves may be questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity. I hope that our presence will be one of love and support to these pilgrims and that we can show them that they are valuable members of the family of the church.”

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