World Youth Day Pilgrim Profile: Delfin Bautista

World Youth Day is this July 23-28 — and six Equally Blessed pilgrims are preparing for their journey to Rio de Janeiro, where they plan to be LGBTQ-positive presences at the large gathering of Catholic youth. Here on the 20/30 blog, we’re introducing you to these brave young adults. And now, Delfin Bautista, member of Call To Action and Dignity USA:

delfin bautista

My desire to become part of this pilgrimage stems from wanting to work with others in creating spaces where queer folk are celebrated as whole persons in both the church and in society. As a social worker and theologian I am passionate about helping others claim and reclaim their voices within religious circles in order to challenge our faith communities to radically embrace inclusivity and justice. Having been raised in a conservative Catholic home, I understand the fears of considering progressive ideas of faith, sexuality, and God—while also knowing first hand the hope-filled reality that transformation is possible within oneself, one’s family, and one’s community. As a trans Latino Catholic I want to ensure that our church fully live a gospel that embraces and celebrates people from brokenness into wholeness.

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