Living Our Baptismal Call: Jamie Manson

Jamie MansonThis November 1-3, Call To Action’s national conference, Living Our Baptismal Call, will bring together Catholics from every corner of the United States to form the largest gathering of progressive Catholics in the country. Jamie Manson will be there, bringing a thoughtful, critical (and young!) voice to a conversation on the future of Catholic ministry.

Last week, Jamie wrote her weekly column in National Catholic Reporter on a topic of interest to readers of this blog: intergenerational collaboration among progressive Catholic leaders:

In this continuing age of Catholic orthodoxy, we know the institutional church will not support or promote the work of young progressive Catholics. The need for substantive collaborations between elders and young adults is therefore crucial.

It is especially urgent to promote the ideas and the work of the Catholic women who are emerging spiritual leaders and activists. (In the case of young progressive evangelicals, for example, the field is dominated by young male voices. Catholic progressives must continue to be diligent in avoiding the same pitfalls.)

Rather than expending energy worrying about what the future of faith and spirituality might be, aging spiritual leaders and those emerging from the new generation must enter into true dialogue, marked by respectful listening, an appreciation for the wisdom of all generations, and shared writing and speaking projects.

New insights into the future of faith and spirituality will come from collaborations in which the voices of both generations are heard equally. The wisdom and spirit that emerges from these dialogues will not only be a comfort and inspiration to older generations; it will help form and guide new generations seeking a substantive faith and deeper spiritual paths.

Amen! Read the whole thing here.

Then, sign up for the to Call To Action conference this November to hear Jamie’s insights in person – and join the conversation on the future of progressive Catholic work.

Jamie L. Manson is NCR books editor. She received her Master of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School, where she studied Catholic theology and sexual ethics. Her NCR columns have won numerous awards, most recently second prize for Commentary of the Year from Religion Newswriters (RNA).

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