Lift Your Voice for #JessicasTux


Today, high school students at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prepatory (SCHP) School stood with Jessica Urbina – a high school senior whose picture was pulled from the yearbook for wearing a tuxedo.  Female students are required to wear “drapes” in yearbook photos in San Francisco Archdiocesan schools. 

As one bow-tied student told NBC Bay Area today, “They teach us in Catholic school to be who we are and accept everybody, so that’s what we’re doing.” 

And the school listened. By the end of the day, SHCP announced that they will revise this policy. In their statement, they write: “Our students have risen in support of each other and the principles central to our community. We are proud of their leadership and thoughtful effort to affect change.”

The young Catholics of CTA 20/30 stand with Jessica and the high school activists who called their school to be an affirming and safe place for all its students. We celebrate an inclusive and joyful vision of church – a beloved community in which all people are free to express their identities as they choose.

​Show your support for Jessica: Put on YOUR Bowtie!
1. Put on your favorite tie or bowtie and take a selfie.
2. Post it on your own social media with the hashtag #JessicasTux.
2. Email it to us. We will share it online, adding CTA 20/30’s voice to the chorus of folks who are saying NO to gender-normative church policies and YES to #JessicasTux.  If you want, hold a sign to express your own positive message of support.

Don’t have a bowtie? No problem…download the one below and add it to your selfie.  

This campaign is a happy one! Please send us your photo today. Email your photo or your questions to:


JessicasTux Selfiepicture001
Photo on 5-18-14 at 3.23 PM
photo (41)
photo (42)
catholics for jessica
M tie1
photo (40)

4 thoughts on “Lift Your Voice for #JessicasTux

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    In the church justice movement, we often ask ourselves–and we often get asked by others–“okay, so WHAT CAN WE ACTUALLY DO to change the Catholic Church?” Well, here is something you can do. It is something that made life better today at a Catholic school: local, symbolic, and potent. And now it’s spreading. Because that is how this stuff works. Please read and share.

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