4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Pope Francis on Responsibility and Rabbits

  1. I am SO glad you wrote about this, Monica — not just to the Pope, but here as well. I’ve had the article with Pope Francis’s “breeding like rabbits” quote open on my computer for weeks, trying to articulate how I want to respond to it. You’ve done so beautifully here. I hope it reaches someone who listens.

  2. Thanks for writing on this, Monica. I consider myself horribly uninformed on the topic of birth control, only knowing that the Church’s teaching doesn’t work for most. Thank you for helping to further my understanding!

  3. Monica, I just read this and thank you so much for writing it! Your experience perfectly exemplifies why this teaching doesn’t work with real human experience. What an important voice! have your received anything back?

  4. Monica,
    Your letter is very thoughtful and it is evident that you have agonized over the idea of responsible procreation. Thank you for sharing your experience. I esteem your dignity as a spouse, a mother, a thoughtful catholic and a daughter of the Creator. My wife and I have practiced NFP for our entire marriage of 17 years. We have struggled through times of abstinence, fear of being unable to provide for our three children, fear of the possibility complicated pregnancies (my wife was not made to have 10 children) and even the challenge of postpartum depression. The teaching of the church is challenging and yet it is rewarding and beautiful as well. I think when we take it upon ourselves to define how we are going to obey or not obey the teachings of the church we remove God’s protecting hand from our lives and we demonstrate a lack of faith. I encourage you to continue to seek God’s wisdom on this subject. No matter your path or your decision I am in no way offering judgement or condemnation, only another perspective. One final thought is that in your description of the various methods I would add the cervical examination method. During fertile times the cervix changes position and becomes soft. Peace be with you!

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