Sister Ocean

This is a post by 瑠威 明 Francesco Matsuo. Lui is Japanese, FtM, was born in Japan and raised all over the world.  He was raised in a very conservative Buddhist family in a Shinto environment. Early in his life, he had an urge to become a Capuchin Franciscan or a Franciscan monk. However, due to his gender identity, he is still looking for any order that will accept him as who he is. Lui writes poetic reflections for the Young Adult Catholic Blog where he uses inspiration from nature to gain spiritual insights.


Wall to Watch, Silvia Grav Photography

One summer day

I stood on a beach

Beneath my naked feet

Sands rejoicing rays of bright sunshine

I was on the beach

Carrying many cups of water from different sources

Water from different rivers

Raindrops gathered on leaves on alocasia

Water from kitchen sink and even from a toilet bowl

finishing homework over summer vacation

that Left me with many cups filled with water

I decided to go out and play

Standing on the beach

One by one I pour water from cups

Saw Sister Ocean gently accepting

Water I brought

Gentle wave making joyous sounds

Expressing their joyful reunion

Welcoming back her sisters and brothers

One thing I noted

Sister Ocean didn’t spit it back out

No matter which journey each cup of water had taken

Waters from different rivers

Water from sky in a form of rain

Water from kitchen sink

And water from toilet bowl

All were welcomed back in

Cups of water becoming one with the whole

Sister Ocean gave another wave

This time, a little bigger,

Sands under the feet drew me in

As Sister Ocean gives me warm hugs

With love of her wave

Welcoming me to join the celebration of reunion

Tears flew from my eyes

Realizing if Creator created such loving Water like Sister Ocean

Then how much more compassionately accepting our Creator would be!

No matter of what journey each cups of water took

No matter of what kind of purpose different water had

Sister Ocean welcomed them back

Rejoicing in reunion

So shall our Creator

No matter of different passages we take

Our Creator will welcome all back

Once Our journey and purpose is done on Earth


This is the experience I had after one science assignment in grade school over summer vacation back in Japan. (We Japanese have homework during our short less than a month of summer vacation.)

The nature had always been a good teacher and a mentor for me as well as being my spiritual brothers and sisters. I felt love from divinity in nature that day, and back then I only knew rejection by classmates, because I was “weird”, too rough, too outspoken for a gender that others applied me as.

I didn’t know rejection and oppression I was to face from the Church and Church officials, just because of “which gender identity I know I am”. I simply rejoiced in the finding of Ocean welcoming back the waters from different sources and I rejoiced the hug I received from Creator through sister Ocean and her waves.

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