The Earth is Crawling with Reflections of the Creator

Breanna Mekuly is a spiritual seeker currently living aBreanna Mekulynd ministering in Milwaukee, WI. She is committed to searching for and helping others find the Beauty of the Creator in everyday life. She keeps an Instagram account: @4TheeBeauty where she posts daily pictures of nature with spiritual reflections. The following is reposted from her blog For The(e) Beauty.


This morning I took my dog for a walk half groggily as I had just awaken. Yet my senses were extra keen today. Twice daily I walk the same path and often stop to admire the beauty of the flowers blooming in the morning light or, more recently, the changing of the leaves as they turn from a healthy green to an array of yellows and reds and purples and oranges. But today I saw something different on a tree I pass so often. Here, at the bottom of a large mature tree with branches extending far and wide above me, I noticed a few white mushrooms growing stealthily in the wood. And suddenly I was struck awake: How often do I miss details of the world around me? On what do I focus on my daily commute? What reality am I living in? One of technology? Of distraction? How can I walk the same path each day and not see something new each time? Isn’t the world full of life? Have I forgotten to see Beauty? Have I forgotten that the Creator shows Herself in Her creation? Have I lost interest in exploring, adventuring, in coming to know the unknown? Have I shut off my spiritual curiosity?

But with all of this, today I am joyful with gratitude; I have been gifted once more wonder and beauty to see the earth, creation, life – all of which is crawling with reflections of the Creator.

And so I pray: Loving Creator, Maker of all that exists and has passed, open my eyes and my ears to see and hear you right where I am. Grant me the gifts of admiration and wonder. Open my heart to beauty and delight. And remind me, daily, that it all comes from You. Amen.


For more reflections like this, check out Breanna’s blog: For The(e) Beauty.

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