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Turns out, you can go home again…

Three years ago, I started graduate school in Cambridge, MA, excited to get the degree that would open up many doors to me.  And now, three years and one giant economic collapse later, I have a Masters and have spent the last few months being told, over and over again, that I’m now over-qualified for the very jobs that, three years ago, would have required a Masters.

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CPE, Discernment, and Acompañamiento

Well, I’ve been a little MIA lately, but with good reason.  For the past five and a half weeks, I’ve been working on a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at a major hospital in the Midwest.  So, essentially, I’ve been a hospital chaplain (and I still have another four weeks or so to go after this one).  It’s been a good experience and while I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I’m still not sure that this is a career path for me.

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Post-Traumatic Merger Disorder

I know I’ve mentioned before that my school went through a merger process this year, moving out of Cambridge and across the river to join in the Boston College conglomeration.  The transition has been difficult, especially for those of us who were students at Weston previously, because we lost a lot in the merger.  That’s not to say that there aren’t good things about the school (or that we were the only ones who lost things in the merger), but it is very true that it has been a VERY rough year.  And while I cannot speak for those who come from the IREPM, this has been my experience as a former WJST student. Continue reading

Convocation and Closure

Tonight marked one of the final hurdles standing betwee me and my MDiv cohort and our degrees: the formidable MDiv Convocation.  Essentially, our Convocation is a presentation of the case studies we’ve been working on throughout the semester.  Unlike other schools that require written and oral comprehensive exams (and for those of you at JSTB heading into comps, we’re praying for you!), we do things a little differently.  During the second year, we write a 10-12 page statement of faith which we then defend during an oral exam with two professors.  Then, during the third year, we do these group case study presentations.  The second year class is called “Theological Synthesis” and the third year class is called “MDiv Closure.”

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A friend once joked that “discernment is Latin for impossible.”  And I’m starting to think he really may be on to something here.

In mid-August, I will complete my Masters of Divinity.  No, I don’t know what I’m doing next year (and I’m pretty sure that investing in a “Don’t ask me what I’m doing next year” t-shirt might be a VERY smart investment).  I have possibilities, but as a Myers-Briggs J, I don’t like possibilities.  I want concrete answers. Continue reading

Eating my way through the Cities…

On Saturday, I left gray and blah Boston for ten days in God’s Country: Minnesota.  I cannot tell you how good it is to be at home.  More than just escaping the horrid winter weather of New England (Boston got slammed with that huge snowstorm the next day…give me below zero temps and bright sunshine any day!), coming home gives me a chance to take a break from being a grad student, an MDiv, and the other roles I play in Boston and allows me some time to be a St. Joseph Worker, a parishioner, a roommate. Continue reading