Commenting Policy

Blogging is a passionate and reactive pursuit, and the CTA Young Adult Catholic Blog is intended to inspire discussion and debate and to be a home for challenging and provocative ideas. However, we want this space to be safe for writers and commenters. To that end, comments are moderated and will be deleted for behavior including the following:

– any form of hate speech

– personal attacks on writers or commenters (including name-calling, calling someone a bad Catholic or questioning someone’s faith)

– negative commentary that adds nothing to the discussion (e.g. “The Pope is wrong about that and here’s why” is fine; “The Pope is stupid” is not)

– pasting large chunks of text from other sources; instead, use your own words to support your argument

– comments that don’t relate to the subject matter of the post

Comments expressing opinions different from that of the author are welcome, assuming they are respectful and add to the discussion.

The following are not uniformly deleted but certainly don’t characterize respectful and productive discourse: mischaracterization of the author’s words or intent; offering criticism or admonishments where none were sought; implied personal attacks or insults.

Persistent bad behavior will result in commenters being banned.

We hope not to be too strict with deletions, but commenters must help by keeping their comments respectful and productive, genuinely trying to understand the other members of this community.

Our current policy is to email the authors of rejected comments to tell them why their comment was not approved, in the hopes of helping everyone express their thoughts under the guidelines presented here. Because of this, comments submitted with a nonworking email will be deleted uniformly, even if they are otherwise acceptable. Please submit comments with a valid email address.

Let’s all remember that this is a Christian community. All members of this blog community are entitled to express their own opinions with dignity and to be treated with respect even by those who differ.