Editorial Team

YoungAdultCatholics was launched on May 11, 2008, in honor of the Feast of Pentecost and lifting up the many voices of the church. Lacey Louwagie and Monica Lundberg are the current editors.

The editorial team can be reached via email at nextgen-blog@cta-usa.org.

5 thoughts on “Editorial Team

  1. As a retired priest and Army Chaplain, I find your Blog to be profoundly thought provoking and very encouraging. I really appreciate what you do.

      • I would be interested in any thoughts you all might have on the current bishops vs HHS issue. I am trying to sort mine out. I have a number of questions now that, after the Army, I have time to pray, think, and read. This is not a trick question or an attempt at entrapment. I’m really interested.

      • I also am struggling to distill my own thoughts on this, and I’m not ready to post definitively on one side of the issue or the other. I’d love to hear what others are thinking about it, though, and will open the discussion on the blog for comment.

  2. Lacey, thanks. I am disturbed when one side of a discussion (it can’t really be called a dialogue) takes the position that they alone have all the answers. It is as if they felt they were responding to a situation as God would respond if He had all the facts that they have. I believe in dialogue. If we choose dialogue, then our basis has to be both in prayer and in the realization that God loves me, and if God loves me, then God loves the other person, too. God is in everything, and the Holy Spirit s alive and well in all this. The question for me is what is the Spirit calling me to do.

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