I’m happy to report that Catholics are not obligated to root for Notre Dame

I can’t find it anywhere in the Catechism, but we are midway through the liturgical season of Notre Dame football. At 4-2, the Fighting Irish are bound for another prominent bowl game after what appears to be a mediocre season.

Why do so many Catholics root for Notre Dame? Does the pope grant an indulgence for turning on NBC on Saturday afternoons? Unless you went there or live in the greater Chicago area, I can’t put my finger on why “I’m Catholic” is a reason to root for a program that seems to have little to do with Catholicism.

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Post-Traumatic Merger Disorder

I know I’ve mentioned before that my school went through a merger process this year, moving out of Cambridge and across the river to join in the Boston College conglomeration.  The transition has been difficult, especially for those of us who were students at Weston previously, because we lost a lot in the merger.  That’s not to say that there aren’t good things about the school (or that we were the only ones who lost things in the merger), but it is very true that it has been a VERY rough year.  And while I cannot speak for those who come from the IREPM, this has been my experience as a former WJST student. Continue reading