God is Bigger Than …

I just finished taking a Soul Beliefs class through Coursera. When talking about the course to my husband, I would jokingly refer to it as, “The class that’s teaching me that I don’t have a soul.”

You see, I went in expecting a comparative religion class. What I got was something along the lines of “the psychology of spiritual belief,” and I probably would have taken the class even with that title. But it was essentially a psychology class, most of which covered ground I’d already covered (the only thing that kept me from a major in psychology was my unwillingness to take upper-level stats classes, so I ended up with a very heavy minor). What’s more, it essentially used psychology to “explain away” religious beliefs. In addition to the class lectures, we were required to watch a two-hour discussion amongst the four leading atheists thinkers, and then another full-length documentary about the battle of evolution vs. intelligent design. The conclusion was essentially this: God doesn’t exist because everything we used to attribute to God is now explained by science; and the soul doesn’t exist because everything we once attributed to the soul we now know happens in the brain.


Yes, but.

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