The View from Chicago


Like an Easter morning

Joy has erupted

into exclamations, sobs,

and the crisp bliss of Unity. 


Anxiety and fear have stepped aside to

allow a new era to arrive.

Faces glow with the energy of peace

and harmonious sighs of relief make music throughout the city.


Just like God intended it, we live now the Truth:

The quality of a leader is transcendent of judgment and image. 


Another God-given truth is manifested:

History doesn’t determine the destiny,

for an individual or a nation. 

In the blessed air of a November eve

Souls rejoice and bodies dance. 

Brothers and sisters of every race, age, tongue, religion

and nation embrace with anticipation.

The scents of autumn offer a comforting affirmation.

Trees drop confetti and the sky paints a promise. 


Hope has arrived.

The world has changed.