When does the bad outweigh the good? (Gettin’ Giglio with it)

“It matters very little to me what you, or any man, thinks of me – I don’t even value my opinion of myself. For I might be quite ignorant of any fault in myself – but that doesn’t justify me before God. My only true judge is the Lord.

The moral of this is that we should make no hasty or premature judgments. When the Lord comes he will bring into the light of the day all that at present is hidden from darkness, and he will expose the secret motives of men’s hearts. Then shall God himself give each man his share of praise.” – First Corinth 4:3-5 (J.B. Phillips)

Many of the culture war salvos of the past week have been launched in response to evangelical pastor Louie Giglio’s withdrawal from president Barack Obama’s inauguration. Giglio, who heads Passion City Church in Atlanta, stepped down after liberal activist website Think Progress posted a link to a mid-1990s sermon with some less-than-flattering statements about homosexuality.

Did this have to happen? Was this a case of the president appointing a bigot or censorship of conscience?

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