Why the Defeat of DOMA Gives Me Queer American Pride

flagsWhen I think about the progress of marriage equality in the U.S. this year, I cannot help but feel proud, and grateful, to be an America.

My girlfriend is not a U.S. citizen. She’s Brazilian and attends college here on a student visa which expires when she graduates. Before DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) was struck down a year ago, I’m not sure we would have been able to stay together in the States and get married.

Now that our rights are the same as opposite-sex couples, the federal government will recognize and honor our union and allow my girlfriend to stay in the country with a marriage visa.

That being said, our marriage still won’t be easy. The struggle towards full equality continues, but today I want to focus on what we’ve gained.

As my girlfriend once said, “I am really thankful for what I have, not for what I don’t have.”

I wrote a poem and wanted to share it with you today. Please share it with anyone who feels overwhelmed by the darkness of this world. Sometimes we get distracted by the negativity around us and we don’t see the good. But God brings light to the darkest places. Continue reading

God bless… the entire world!

In the spirit of Independence Day and all things free and patriotic, I offer you some song lyrics by one of my favorite Christian bands to ever exist, Five Iron Frenzy.

The song is called Anthem:

A nation stands with heart in hand
To sing their anthem proudly
Voices raised to sing their praise
Of their hollow country
All this talk of freedom
And some talk of liberty
From your plastic podium
You try and convince me
I can’t fall anymore
For some silver-tongued song
Your freedom isn’t free
So let me say what freedom means to
I can’s see red, white, and blue waving in the air
I don’t hear the bombs bursting and I don’t even care
I’m sorry for my lack of faith
I’m not the greatest patriot
If this is all their is to freedom I don’t want it
I can’t fall anymore
For some silver-tongued song
Your freedom isn’t free

So let me say what freedom means to
Pushing us a drug that you call freedom and democracy
Promise us that selfishness is the means for happiness
I burned that bridge so long ago that I can hardly see
Anything but solace in what freedom means to me
I can’t fall anymore
For some silver-tongued song
Freedom isn’t free
So let me say what freedom means to
It cannot mean to serve ourselves
That doesn’t mean a thing
It doesn’t mean to give the license
To seek ourselves in anything
That would be slavery to ourselves it isn’t free
Jesus Christ, the only thing that freedom means to me.


When I was in college I was blessed to hear one of the most radical and bold peacemakers ever speak, Coleman McCarthy. I still remember what he said: “A great sin of our nation is that we equate the flag with the cross and ask our young people to choose between the two.No one should ever be forced to choose country over God.”

Let us never forget, especially during this time of war and during this great election year, that nationalism and borders divide us.Let’s maintain that God and the cross is our unity.

I don’t think we need to pray “God bless America” anymore. It’s time for us to care about the rest of the world.