On Fixing Roofs, Breaking Bread, and Women’s Ordination

By now, most of us have probably come across the Vatican theologian’s most recent justification for barring women from the priesthood. The piece strikes me as so convoluted that were it not published directly on the Catholic News Service website, I would have suspected I was reading a parody. Some gems include:

“The son of God became flesh, but became flesh not as sexless humanity but as a male,” Father Giertych said; and since a priest is supposed to serve as an image of Christ, his maleness is essential to that role.

Hm, this seems a little fishy to me. If God’s purpose was to become truly human, why would God appear as a sexless entity? Back in Jesus’ time as now, one’s sex and gender are central facets of our identities, of how we see ourselves, and in how the world sees us (including the roles allowed to us by the Catholic Church.) How could God  become truly human if God did not take on this aspect that remains so central to our humanity, for better or for worse?

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