Simplicity (Things I learned from my kids)

“We live in a world that celebrates superficial beauty and rejects ugly, yet God sees beauty in all of us despite our ugliness. Jesus loves us just the way we are.” – Pastor Jamie Stilson, Vineyard Community Church of Cape Coral (Fla.)

Today was the first “summer” day for the kids.* We broke out the sprinkler and the heretofore unused inflatable wading pool for the purpose of joyful splashing and scampering. But after a few minutes of Daddy demonstrating how to properly jump through a sprinkler and Mommy placing Jacob (16 months old)┬áin the wading pool, the experience ended up turning into Jacob toddling around the driveway, and Hannah (2 years) taking pleasure in using a sprinkler-free hose to water whom- or whatever she could find.

Once again, my kids have taught me a lesson in Christian living.

"Okay, we're ready to get out and play now."

“Okay, we’re ready to get out and play now.”

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