Well, What are They Going to Do about It?

For two years, the parish that my mom “officially” belongs to (although she never attends Mass there) has been pressuring her to be Vice President of the Board. The reasons are fairly simple: the parish is small, and they’re running out of people who haven’t already done it. The first year, she avoided phone calls for weeks, while she vented her frustration to us about how she didn’t have time to be board vp, and she wanted to leave that parish anyway. I urged her to just tell them that she was leaving. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it. What would people say? But she did work up the courage to tell the board that her ideas were probably “too liberal” for the parish and they wouldn’t like the way she’d get things done.

They relented, for a year. Then we went through the same drama this past April. She avoided phone calls. She vented her frustrations. I told her to officially leave the parish. She didn’t.

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