Lift Your Voice for #JessicasTux



Today, high school students at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prepatory (SCHP) School stood with Jessica Urbina – a high school senior whose picture was pulled from the yearbook for wearing a tuxedo.  Female students are required to wear “drapes” in yearbook photos in San Francisco Archdiocesan schools. 

As one bow-tied student told NBC Bay Area today, “They teach us in Catholic school to be who we are and accept everybody, so that’s what we’re doing.” 
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Where there is darkness, let there be light


ImageI woke up this morning to snow slowly falling outside my window. I’ve had enough of the snow this winter season, but there was still a beauty about it that invited reflection.

And As I sat with today’s scripture readings – the Gospel in Mark in which Jesus says “A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and among his own kin and in his own house” – I thought of my sisters and brothers in the church justice movement working as prophets in a house that many times is unwelcoming and uninviting. I prayed for them.

On this day, I would need that passage, and those in this movement for a better church, more than I would know.

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World Youth Day Pilgrim Profile: Jen Guterman


World Youth Day is this July 23-28 — and six Equally Blessed pilgrims are preparing for their journey to Rio de Janeiro, where they plan to be LGBTQ-positive presences at the large gathering of Catholic youth.  Here on the 20/30 blog, we’re introducing you to these brave young adults.  Next up, Jen Guterman:

Jennifer Guterman, Call To Action member  


I feel called because I am a Catholic, an ally, and a human being.  As a Catholic, I want to make a life-changing pilgrimage that embraces true equality and justice.  As an ally, I want to witness against teachings that exclude so many and demean us all.  As a human being, I want to honor our interconnectedness and participate in a more loving and complete vision of church.