Write for the blog

I love this blog! Can I become a contributing writer?

If you’re a young adult Catholic with lots to say, we would be thrilled to consider you as a writer for the Young Adult Catholics blog!

To audition as a contributor, first check out the blog to familiarize yourself with our perspective and the wide range of topics our writers cover. Our purpose is to lift up faithful, progressive, Catholic voices of young adults, and to be a safe space for creative and dissenting voices within Catholicism. Diverse formats, including video blogging and podcasts, are welcome.

When you feel you have a good sense of how your voice would fit into the blog, write a sample post (500 words or less is a good guideline) and send it to the Call To Action 20/30 Coordinator at sarahaholst@gmail.com. It is helpful to provide some information about your own background, and if you have an idea of specific themes and topics you’d like to cover (anything from spirituality to religious themes in pop culture to dating while progressive and Catholic), let us know that as well. Writers aren’t required to stick to a specific set of themes, we just like to know what inspires you and what you might contribute. And let us know how often you think you’d like to post (weekly? monthly? biweekly?). The editor will get back to you as soon as possible.

To foster accountability and community, we do expect all writers to use their real names. If this is a problem for you, talk to us about it.

I am a young adult Catholic with exactly one thing to say. Can I become a writer just for one post?

We also welcome guest posts! If you have something to say on a timely topic or from a unique perspective, this could be a great way to add your voice to the conversation. Guest posts may be sent to the editors at the address above. If we choose to feature your post, we will post it from within an editor account but with your name or pseudonym clearly stated as the author. While we always prefer the use of real names for the sake of accountability and community-building, a guest post may be written anonymously.

I am not a young adult and I  would love to write for the blog!

We appreciate your fanship and are honored that you admire this community. However, this is a space to lift up the voices of young adult Catholics (normally people in their 20s and 30s, we have made exceptions for older teens.) With the current trend in the Church being to talk about young adult Catholics as if we are problems or specimens, this is our space to speak for ourselves. We welcome and encourage people of all ages to participate in the comments.

I have a program, book or event  that your readers might be interested in.

Pitches may be sent to the editor at sarahaholst@gmail.com. We do occasionally post these or bounce them out to our writers to see if they are interested in covering them. Obviously, it helps if you are familiar with our blog and if what you offer is in fact of interest to our readers. Sometimes, we may recommend you write a guest post about the topic you have suggested we cover.

Can I feature material from Young Adult Catholics on my blog or site?

Gladly! We ask that you provide only a snippet with a link back to the full item here at our blog, and give correct credit to the author.

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